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I’m Daniel Nordmark

Who am I?

I’m a senior developer that has worked for some of the largest companies in Sweden.

I am also the founder of Yodapp AB. An app development company. Our apps are constantly among the best-selling apps in Sweden.

Besides that, I love my wife, we have two cats and a small house in the countryside. I love to be close to nature.

  • .NET and C# 95%
  • Web development 90%
  • App Development 80%
  • SEO 75%
  • CMS 95%
  • SQL 80%
  • Document databases 85%
  • Cat lover 100%

Some of the companies I worked with

I have experience with working with some of the largest companies in Sweden as well with smaller companies. So I'm used to work in both smaller teams and larger teams. I've had many different roles during my years as a developer, team lead, backend developer, frontend developer. I've also worked with SEO, system optimization, DevOps and prototyping.


One of the largest construction companies in Sweden. My role was lead developer. We used the latest version of EPiServer when we built the NCC site.

I have been working with NCC for 4+ years.

Visit the NCC website


The eHealth government in Sweden is responsible to coordinate information-sharing between health and social care. My role was as a lead developer.

Visit thier website


The largest grocery store company in Sweden. I worked with frontend on their intranet.

Visit ICAs website


Triggerbee is a lead generation tool. In my opinion one of the best and most flexible. I worked as one of two developers/architects when this tool was founded. We used RavenDB (and contributed to that project) as our database to be able to handle a lot of data.

Visit Triggerbee

Uppsala Universitet

Uppsala University is ranked top #100 among all universities in the world. It was founded in 1477 and was the first university in Sweden.

My role in this project was to make frontend. I worked very closely with the designer and the company responsible for the UX.

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B3IT is a large IT consultant company in Sweden.

I was responsible for implementing their web site (both front end and back end) using Camelonta CMS 6.

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Said about Daniel

This is some of the great people I've had the pleasure to work with during the years.

Daniel is professional, easy to work with, and gets the job done very well. He’s always very helpful whatever questions I ask him.

Elin Sjödin

Service Manager, Web Platform Services, NCC

I’ve worked with Daniel on several projects, and he’s precisely the way you’d like a developer and colleague to be. He’s a brilliant developer, friendly and easy to collaborate with! I can highly recommend him as a developer and as a colleague.

Jenny Fernvik

Senior Art Director/ UX designer, Comprend

I enjoyed working with Daniel on Camelonta. We had a great cooperation, and together we built a solid foundation for the service Triggerbee ( among other projects.

Sebastian Claesson Hoffback

Software Developer/CTO, Camelonta

I really enjoyed working with Daniel. We discussed and he made mobile app prototypes based on our discussions. These prototypes were very helpful for me to better understand what we should make for our customers.

Bjarte Austrheim Bakke

COO, Diet Doctor, Diet Doctor

My personal projects

I'm running my own company together with my wife, Yodapp AB, as a side project to being a consultant. We're devloping health apps for smartphones using mostly Xamarin. But we've also been importing and selling our own products on Amazon using Amazon FBA.
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5:2 diary

We released this mobile app over four years ago. Since then we continued to work on it and to improve its functionality.

This app has been ranked #1 as the best-selling app for iOS in Sweden and is still the most popular app for intermittent fasting.

Take a look at the app

LCHF Diary

This app is developed for those that are eating a low carb diet. I developed the app using Xamarin Forms and my wife was responsible for the content such as the recipes.

Take a look at the app

Molly by Sweden

My wife and I started our own brand called Molly by Sweden. We came up with different product ideas and had them produced and imported. We then sold our products on Amazon (in Germany) using FBA.

Unfortunately, we had to prioritize other things in our lives so currently, our brand is not active. But I’ve learned a lot about developing a brand, contacting manufacturers, different regulations and also how to sell products on Amazon.

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