How to write documentation easier

A few weeks ago I found I tool I didn’t realize I needed. But it saves me a lot of time so I want to share how to write documentation easier.

The solution on how to write documentation easier and faster

The product I’m talking about and using from now on is called StepShot Guides. It’s extremely easy to use. The short version, start to record, make the program/browser active that you want to use to document something, do the things that you want to explain to the client by clicking on the correct buttons/links, each click will automatically take a screenshot of the active window and highlight where you pressed. When you’re done, go back to StepShot Guides and take a look at the screenshot. Add the text you want (did I tell you StepShot Guides automatically adds texts like “Click Ok”? Well, it does.).

When you’re satisfied, export the documentation either as a PDF-file or export it directly to WordPress. Sounds too simple? Yeah, it almost is too easy. Usually, it could take me hours to complete a documentation by manually take screenshots, crop the images, paste and format the document before I could send it to the client. Now I can do the same work in a lot less time.

You can select what you want to record

You can either select to record your whole screen, the active window (program, browser and so on) or you can choose to record only a part of the screen (a selected region).

StepShot Guides, write documentation easier

After you’re done recording, press “Stop” and you have a screenshot of every click you did. All you need to do now is to write some text for each image. But because you have great images of exactly what you were doing that part is easy. Ever heard the saying, an image says more than a thousand words? 🙂

What this software solves for me

As a senior software/web developer, I always need to write good documentation for the clients. I mostly work with an enterprise CMS called EPiServer and large clients. They expect good documentation. So StepShot Guides saves me a ton of time. From now on I will never look back and write documentation manually again. I’m really happy that I found a software that helps me write documentation easier and also far faster than before.

One last thing, the software has all the tools you expect from this kind of software. You can high draw different shapes, add arrows, sequence numbers, blur part of the screenshot to hide sensitive data, write text, highlight text, import images and much more. And of course, the software works on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. I’ve only used the version for Mac OS X.

Proof of how easy it is to use

Just to prove to you how easy it really is, I created a simple guide how to create a new blog post using WordPress in under 5 minutes (yes, I measured the time). Take a look at the exported PDF here. If I would have spent a couple of more minutes I could have made it look even better. But to be honest, most of my documentation that I’ve sent to clients throughout the years looks terrible in comparison.

If you don’t believe me, visit their website and download their 14-days full version free trial. Just remember to thank me later when you realize how much time you save and how much easier it is to write documentation with this software! 🙂

So do yourself a favor and reduce the burden of writing documentation with StepShot Guides.


I didn’t get paid to write this review. Everything is my own opinion. Some of the links are so-called affiliate links, it doesn’t affect anything for you. But if you like the software as much as I do and decide to buy and have used one of my links I get a small kickback. I would never recommend a software or a tool that I don’t use myself.

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